L.A.N is a young fashion label born in from Luc Abalo’s love of Art.
Art has always flowed through Luc’s veins.
Drawing, photo music ... gifted also in sport he has a moment brilliantly express his talent on the field but never forgetting his first love .. art in all its forms.
Love he expresses today in a new way. A brand.
L.A.N. aims to challenge stereotypes cause for Luc, life is a Concept. An art concept, a heartbeat…

 « [...] fashion is a real passion. This is why I created this brand.

 L.A.N (initials LUC.ABALO.NINETEEN), is inspired by my style, my generation… [...] I create the patterns, the design of each model, I choose the materials and all the details of each garment. They are essentially timeless basics combining comfort and elegance. [...] to sum up L.A.N in a few words : quality, sobriety and diversity.

This is my concept ! »


Life, Art and nothing else... his concept of life, your concept of life.

Build your own concept #LIFEISACONCEPT